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OMG! I can’t believe I found this amazing treasure of my journey starting out as a baby photographer in Boulder! This photography blog has been popping up in my google searching while I research and do the SEO for my new Boulder baby photography website! It must have really good seo, because it is from 8 years ago when I was just starting out in photography and knew oh-so-very-little.

I am scrolling through all these posts and, while I did not have the basics of exposure, light, composition, and focus down, I still had a vision.

It is the vision I still have today with my current baby and family photography. It is a love of light + joy + nowness. Seeing the world as it. And then taking that a step further and seeing what the parents of each baby I photograph see and capturing that. Freezing that moment of time when they are looking at their child and are so filled with love that it is overflowing.

Yep, I get to do that.

Mom loving baby best photography in Boulder Being a baby photographer is the best.

So I am looking through these photos and there are some I love! Like this first photo here.

How awesome is that yoga photo? I want to recreate that exact photo when we get back to Boulder (we are in Maine right now but going back to Colorado soon!). Boulder, Colorado is known for its gorgeous yoga loving mamas and I am sure I can borrow a baby or two that already knows how to do these poses:)

There was so much life in all these photos on this blog, so since I am updating it and will look back on it in another 8 years, I am going to update it with some recent photography work.Family at Chataqua Baby Photography Boulder

I mentor other photographers in the art of photography + business now. But only after I review what they’ve shot so far and see that they have a quality of knowing how to capture joy. Anyone can take a million photos of a baby. Right? Especially if your shooting on auto you will eventually get a good shot.

So I don’t care if someone applying for photography mentoring shoots on auto. I care which of the photos they choose out of those 400 they took.

I have taken great photos of a mother with her baby and the photo is great in composition and light and focus. But the baby was not engaged with her mama or with me. A baby can stare at my camera and zone out and fine, I can take a good photo. But to get the baby engaged I need to either direct the mom to play with her or I need to be bouncing around like a frog or mooing like a cow.

Sometimes this means that I have moved a bit and the light is just a little off or maybe I didn’t know that the baby was going to move and so the composition is off.

But if it shows connection, and it is exposed correctly and in focus, then I keep it. This connection and joy and love is what I look at when a new photographer approaches me with her photography portfolio for mentoring

Here’s a good example. One of my most favorite photos. ❤

Not so perfect photo but the best! Boulder baby cuteness

In this photo the mom is super out of focus. The out of focusness would have been perfect if I had composed the shot more to the right. It would make the viewer feel like THEY were the mother, looking at a baby that was looking so adoringly at them. But oh. I love how carefree the dad is with throwing the baby over his head. I love that the baby is NOT totally letting loose and having a ball, but looking at the saftey that IS her mother’s face for reassurance.

Baby Photography at Chataqua in Boulder

And this photo I also absolutely love as well. Mom and dad look like they are taking the job of helping their baby learn to walk super seriously. And this is something we can all relate with. Who doesn’t want that kind of help with the difficult things, right? So it is a universal feeling that is evoked. But, sadly it would have been more perfect if I had a zoom lens and zoomed back a bit. If we could see the enormity of the mountains behind them, it would have mirrored the enormity of how it feels when your baby just begins walking.

I meant to just come here and spam the site up with my new photos to bury all the old ones, but after scrolling through this site I realize that the photos are just fine. But, OMG, the photo that keeps coming up in google images is truly horrendous.

It is of twin baby girls curled up together in black and white. There is a flower laying on top of them in color. Yeah, I had just discovered selective color, lol.

If you are a new photographer reading this- Please. Don’t. Ever. Use. Selective. Color.

Black and white is just fine for newborn photos.

Newborn twin photography in Boulder Colorado

Or, color is fine, too.

Newborn twins in Color in Boulder Baby Photography

But again, whatever you do, do not use selective color in your baby photos until you are a super duper pro photographer:)


If you are a baby photographer and have a serious passion for photography and business, please contact me for more info on mentoring.

I can be reached in Camden, Maine at (207)652-1565 or in Boulder, Colorado at 720-310-0336.

Here are some more baby photos, taken in Boulder, Colorado. We will be there soon!!!

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My new blog is up!

April 17, 2009

It is definitely a work in progress, but hey, I am getting there with it!  It is a pretty cool blog, if I do say so myself (I made it!).  The very best part is that I will be able to post large photos, which makes such a big difference.

To go there, please click on:

Boulder Baby Photography Blog

And bc no post is complete without a photo….

(my photographer friends would kill me for using the selective color on the flower-“It is so last year”, but hey, I think it is sweet:)


Stacey Potter Photography, Boulder’s premiere baby and family portrait photographer.

Connor-7 days old

April 12, 2009

This little guys was so calm and mellow, and slept most of the time for us.   The drive from Boulder to Thornton was very worth it-looking through his photos after this shoot, it seemed like every one was just perfect.  What a gorgeous baby, and look at his proud big sister!










Just had to add one more because he is so sweet.  I really love to photograph newborns.  I have to say it is one of my very favorite things.


Kaya and Chloe

April 10, 2009

These sisters were just so sweet.  I love their little matching dresses!  I love this first one of Kaya-isn’t she so stunning?  And look at how smiley that baby is!







April 10, 2009

I was lucky enough to get to photograph another really fabulous photographer today, Julia Vandenoever.  She is due with a baby boy in just a few weeks!  Her daughter was just one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen-I love those pigtails!  It is always a little hard to photograph another photographer.  We all have such different styles-and of course they will see any little things that I miss.  But it is fun, and of course we always take photos of each other, which means that every once in awhile, I actually get a photo of myself.   My friend Janett did some 20 week photos of me last week.  I had to try to look like my belly was big!  I can’t wait to see what Julia takes of me in a few months.





Ty-1 year

April 10, 2009

How adorable is this little boy?  I just loved every photo from this session.  I have not updated the blog in quite awhile, so expect a ton of blog posts coming in the next week or so as I crack down on editing!








Evie and Andi-9 days old

March 18, 2009

Andi and Evie were just the sweetest, calmest babies.  They slept for most of the session, and seemed to be happiest when they were nestled in with each other.  They are each so unique, it was easy to tell them apart within a minute.  It is hard to decide which photo is my favorite, the girls are just so beautiful in them all.



This one *may* be my favorite, hard to say.




I thought I would show what goes on behind the scenes of a newborn shoot.  Believe me, I am the one that is making that mess, not them:)  The shoot is pretty simple, though.  I always find it very relaxing to shoot newborns.  I think part of that is that they are in their own home, surrounded by the people that love them.  Much better than the studio, in my opinion.


And here is the result…



And just one more for now…they are just so beautiful. I hope this photo may help their mom and dad remember one day that there was a time when, even laying together, their little girls were not even as big as the throw pillow on their bed.