Evie and Andi-9 days old

March 18, 2009

Andi and Evie were just the sweetest, calmest babies.  They slept for most of the session, and seemed to be happiest when they were nestled in with each other.  They are each so unique, it was easy to tell them apart within a minute.  It is hard to decide which photo is my favorite, the girls are just so beautiful in them all.



This one *may* be my favorite, hard to say.




I thought I would show what goes on behind the scenes of a newborn shoot.  Believe me, I am the one that is making that mess, not them:)  The shoot is pretty simple, though.  I always find it very relaxing to shoot newborns.  I think part of that is that they are in their own home, surrounded by the people that love them.  Much better than the studio, in my opinion.


And here is the result…



And just one more for now…they are just so beautiful. I hope this photo may help their mom and dad remember one day that there was a time when, even laying together, their little girls were not even as big as the throw pillow on their bed.



10 Responses to “Evie and Andi-9 days old”

  1. sue and randy Says:

    Job well done!

  2. "Uncle" Aaron Frost Says:

    Very beautiful photography! Marissa and Dave will cherish these forever.

  3. I love the newborn shots. I am curious what kind of material you have found to do the newborn shots. I think you did an excellent job with your first attempt! I am pregnant w/ 4 weeks left. I would love to photograph my newborn in a stork pose. Please oh please let me know!

  4. Billie Brand Says:

    Hi Marissa!
    What beautiful baby girls!! I loved the pictures!
    So beautiful and unique. Thank you so much for
    sending them to me.

    Billie Brand

  5. Tom Keeney (Marks friend) Says:


  6. the last one is my favorite. i love how she is looking straight at the camera over her sister’s shoulder.

  7. Jane Martine (Scott) Says:

    Hi Marissa! Your babies are the most beautiful babies. I am so thrilled that Billie sent this on to me. I can’t wait to continue to hear the update. A big hello and congratulations from Philadelphia. We have to catch up very soon. Thinking of you. love, Jane Martine (Scott) (janemartine@yahoo.com)

  8. Fairy Grand Godmother Says:

    They are so beautiful and sweet. The photography is beautiful and captures the closeness of the two sweet sweet sisters. May they always be that close. Hugs Renee

  9. Ashley Says:

    They are beautiful! So cute.

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