Don’t use hair gel

March 5, 2009

if your son does not have short hair. Even if you really want to get that spikey-hair-bad-kid kind of look.  It just doesn’t work.  Instead, you will end up with a little boy who looks more like Brad Pitt in the 80’s with a really bad hair cut.    So, if you are like me, and you really want to put hair gel in your four year old’s hair, just don’t.  Try to find a friend with a little girl and give her some braids.


Oh, and no matter how hard you try, just come to terms with the fact that little boys can not keep their faces clean, or free of a ton of scratches.  So, remember ahead of time that you will be spending a lot of time in photoshop trying to get all the dirt off.  Even though you swear you wiped his face a split second before you took the picture.

But then you remember how you have the best kid in the whole wide world, and how much you love his dirty little face and his big eyes.  And then you will start wishing you had more time to take photos of him, and you will be happy for every minute you have had.



February 23, 2009

I *love* these  because they show what I love doing so well.  Maggie, who came along on two sessions this weekend, got these great shots.  The first is of me holding Randell while his mom was busy.  The next two are of the adorable little Sophia, who enjoyed looking at the display screen.  For anyone wondering, I shoot with a D300 and tend to mostly use my 50mm 1.8 lens (great for babies). Oh, and I am actually three months pregnant in these shots, so expect to see me much bigger as the summer draws near…




Mck 4 years old

February 22, 2009

This little sweetie has been one of Elijah’s best friends since he was two.  They have always played so well together.  She is such a sweetheart and just gorgeous (and tall!).2009-02-21-12-33-45_0001logo

Here is a photo of them when Elijah was still in diapers.  How adorable was he with those curls??? He is such a big boy now!


And more of Mck now…



{My boys}

February 15, 2009

Today I dragged my poor son and husband out in the freezing  cold weather just so I could check this place out.  This is actually the place that we have a storage locker.  We found huge piles of tires and old bikes.  I love it!  And Elijah was very good natured since I promised him a lollypop.  We could only spend a few minutes there though, it was just way too cold.




Elijah’s 4th birthday!

February 8, 2009

My baby is 4 years old!  It is breaking my heart a little.  If I was not pregnant it would be harder.  But I will soon have a little baby, so I can let this one grow up now.  Elijah had a great time.  It was nice to see him with his friends from school and he loved having them over to his home.


This is Isabella, one of Elijah’s best friends at school and one of the sweetest little girls I have met.




Isabella and Bella-Two of Elijah’s best friends.  How cute are they!?



We made him a homemade “Airplane” birthday cake and he loved it.




Elijah’s fabulous teacher Eliana.  I am sad I did not think to get a photo of Minirva, she is like a mother to him.  We feel so lucky that they came.  It really made the party for Elijah.


Marissa-this is Elijah’s very favorite friend.  Every day on the way home from school, and after school, and before school, and on the weekends, Elijah endlessly goes on about “Marissa said this,” “Marissa does that,” “Well, Marissa says…”  It is very cute.  She is a such a sweetheart, too.

We love you Aunt Amy!

November 17, 2008

Dear Aunt Amy,

We went to the Zoo today, and we really wanted you to come too. But since you are so far away, we colored lots of signs for you and then mommy took pictures. I am very good at coloring in the lines now.  Do you see the elephant and the polar bear? Both of them are strong, like me, and you.  The zebras and the snakes are my favorite.  I love you and hope I can come see you soon.  Remember how many people love you and are thinking of you right now.

Love, Elijah

p.s-mommy says my eyes look just like yours in #2 and that makes me happy.