My new blog is up!

April 17, 2009

It is definitely a work in progress, but hey, I am getting there with it!  It is a pretty cool blog, if I do say so myself (I made it!).  The very best part is that I will be able to post large photos, which makes such a big difference.

To go there, please click on:

Boulder Baby Photography Blog

And bc no post is complete without a photo….

(my photographer friends would kill me for using the selective color on the flower-“It is so last year”, but hey, I think it is sweet:)


Stacey Potter Photography, Boulder’s premiere baby and family portrait photographer.


Connor-7 days old

April 12, 2009

This little guys was so calm and mellow, and slept most of the time for us.   The drive from Boulder to Thornton was very worth it-looking through his photos after this shoot, it seemed like every one was just perfect.  What a gorgeous baby, and look at his proud big sister!










Just had to add one more because he is so sweet.  I really love to photograph newborns.  I have to say it is one of my very favorite things.


Evie and Andi-9 days old

March 18, 2009

Andi and Evie were just the sweetest, calmest babies.  They slept for most of the session, and seemed to be happiest when they were nestled in with each other.  They are each so unique, it was easy to tell them apart within a minute.  It is hard to decide which photo is my favorite, the girls are just so beautiful in them all.



This one *may* be my favorite, hard to say.




I thought I would show what goes on behind the scenes of a newborn shoot.  Believe me, I am the one that is making that mess, not them:)  The shoot is pretty simple, though.  I always find it very relaxing to shoot newborns.  I think part of that is that they are in their own home, surrounded by the people that love them.  Much better than the studio, in my opinion.


And here is the result…



And just one more for now…they are just so beautiful. I hope this photo may help their mom and dad remember one day that there was a time when, even laying together, their little girls were not even as big as the throw pillow on their bed.


I have been trying hard to get a really good hanging newborn shot.  It just brings to mind the innocence of a stork delivering your newborn baby.  I love them.  Here is the original master of the pose.  I have newborn twins on Monday, so I will *try*.  I have no idea how Anne Geddes feels safe just letting them hang like that.  I would have the babies very low to the grounds with mom’s hands right underneath to spot.  She makes it look safe, though!

Here was my first try a few weeks ago. I am only posting these bc, while they are not perfect by any means, they are just so darn cute and a good example of what I want to try and achieve. I have since found a much better material for this and am sooo excited to try it out!  If there are any readers out there that want to stop by one day so I can try only this pose with your newborn, please email me through my site and I would be happy to do that free of charge.  I really want to perfect it:) And you know, even after 3 hours of waiting, most of my newborns only have short periods of sleep.  How does she get all her babies into such a deep sleep?




Spring Mini Sessions!

March 7, 2009

I am now scheduling a day of mini-sessions! We will be hiding hand dyed Easter eggs in a small area of the beautiful CU campus.  What better way to capture the natural expressions of your child then when he or she finds a hidden Easter egg?   We will then go over to the pond to do more photos.  Sessions are 30 minutes long for one child and 45 minutes long for siblings. 10-15 images will be presented in a password protected gallery for viewing.  Prints start at $7 for a 4″x6″.  Cost is $50/child and $75 for families with  more than one child. Babies and newborns are also welcome, we will have plenty of baskets, blankets, and props for them, too:)

Please email me directly at to reserve your spot.  Spots go pretty quickly, so if you are sure you want one email soon.

My full portfolio can be viewed at

Saturday, March 21st

8:30am-9am (full)

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{Devlin-6 weeks}

March 4, 2009